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Visit St. Croix Tan because we strive to excel in every way that matters to YOU as you achieve your tan!


If you’re going to trust us for your tan, then we’d better be immaculate.

  • Equipment: At St. Croix Tan you never have to wonder whether the equipment you’re using has been sanitized and you never have to lift your finger to do so yourself! Our Quality Assurance Technicians complete a rigorous multi-week training program just to learn the proper way to sanitize equipment between every use. It’s a lot more than just a spray of glass cleaner and a swish of the towel before or after each tan. We use specially mixed anti-microbial solution on every piece of equipment after every tan. Quality Assurance Technicians sanitize every surface, every nook and every cranny of the equipment. They don’t stop cleaning until they’d feel comfortable tanning in the bed themselves. Is that still not enough for you? Hey, we know some people are ultra conscious about these things! We leave a spray bottle of bed sanitizer in each room as well as a towel if you want to give your own pre-tan cleaning to the equipment. When you see the sign on the equipment stating “This Sunbed Has Been Sanitized”, it’s more than words… it’s the culmination of a passionate commitment to cleanliness.
  • Towels: After the equipment has been sanitized, a precision-folded white linen towel is placed on the surface. We’ve labored over towel samples to select a towel that will meet your needs best… whether you use it to wipe off excess lotion, give the equipment a quick cleaning or give yourself a pat down after tanning. The towels we place on the equipment for you are washed separately from all other laundry – to make sure they remain pure & untainted by cleaning chemicals.
  • Rooms: Our Quality Assurance Technicians don’t just sanitize the equipment between each use, they sanitize the entire room! We want you to feel completely comfortable throughout the tanning process. So if you sit down to apply lotion or lean against door to take off your shoes… relax, you’re touching a sanitized surface!Our Quality Assurance Technicians make sure the rooms are free of dust, rubbish left behind by previous tanners and everything else that doesn’t belong there!
  • Salons: The cleaning and sanitizing doesn’t stop at the doors to the rooms – every part of every salon is perpetually cleaned throughout the day.The restrooms are cleaned & sanitized round-the-clock. The floors are mopped multiple times a day. The vanities, the counters, the shelves, the mirrors, the windows… they’re all cleaned all the time.

We strive to pass any “white glove” test you could give us on any surface! That’s our commitment to you!


We smile when you visit us so you can smile when you’ve got your tan!

We want your visit to be relaxing and enjoyable. Client service is a huge part of that. Our Tanning Consultants give you the attention, positive attitude and smile you deserve.

Whether it’s a friendly smile and greeting on the way in or a little extra time to answer your questions about equipment or lotions – we’re here for you, whatever you need to enjoy your time with us!

We don’t just sit a warm body behind a counter. Our tanning consultants complete multiple months of training before they are permitted to interact with you. We insist on this so they can give you meaningful answers to your questions, suggest packages and products that will actually work for you and fully understand that you are the most important part of St. Croix Tan.

Excellent service doesn’t stop at training. We’ve created an extensive mystery shop program that never sleeps… ensuring our Tanning Consultants and Quality Assurance Technicians are at peak performance all the time.


Know about the tanning process.

Tanning is a natural process… rooted in millennia of human evolution. We want to guide you through that process to avoid burning.

Our Tanning Consultants will work with you to set an exposure schedule right for your skin type and tanning history. We err on the side of caution so you don’t have to worry about overexposure.

Tan in moderation. Do not take the risk of burning and skin damage from tanning more than one every 24 hours.

We ask to see your eyewear every time you tan with us, not just because it’s the law, but because UV light can damage your eyes. We can’t make you wear it, but if you care about your eyes, you will.

We require parental consent before tanning people under 18. Discuss the benefits of tanning and costs of overexposure with your children.


A beautiful glow is within reach of any budget.

St. Croix Tan offers five Tanning Levels, each utilizing state-of-the-art UV tanning equipment and each priced to deliver maximum tanning for minimum cost. Moving up the Levels provides the a different mix of UV light to build, enhance and maintain your tan.

Looking for instant tanning results? Try our Instant Sunless Spray Tanning! Whether you are going on a vacation or a night on the town, let us show you how to achieve your tanning needs.

St. Croix Tan offers three primary ways relax and achieve the perfect tan at our locations: Member tanning, Session tanning and Weekly/Monthly tanning. Each of these options has its own advantages – so be sure to review them all before selecting which one’s right for you!

  • Member Tanning:  Member tanning offers the best value – tan as much as you need for one low monthly price and get other valuable privileges such as product discounts, upgrade options and other special promotions!
  • Session and Weekly/Monthly Tanning: If you’re interested in getting some quick color for an event, vacation, or other short-term need, a session, weekly or monthly package might be for you. Although St. Croix Tan has a member tanning package for most individual needs, sometimes you just need a couple of visits!

If you are new to St. Croix Tan and are not sure which level you like best, you can purchase an arRAY of St. Croix Tan package on your first visit!  For just $35, you get one session each in Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 AS WELL AS a St. Croix Tan Spray Tan session.  That’s a value of over $100 for just $35!  Try us out and then decide what you like best!  Available to new clients only on their first visit.

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